May Mealtime Be Simple and Flavors Complex

Four unique flavor experiences that elevate every meal.

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A chef’s kiss in a bottle

At Tenayo™[Ten-EYE-Oh], we believe Mexican cuisine is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, layered and finessed by generations of culinary expertise. We made bottling this experience a labor of love. Now an excellent meal is always a "pass the Tenayo" away.

Delight you have to squeeze to believe

Let your cravings be your guide

Our story begins with a story

Just north of Mexico City is the town of El Tenayo—the birthplace of our original salsa. At Tenayo Foods, we're passionate about the fresh ingredients and robust flavors that make Mexican food distinctively irresistible. Conveniently delivering these crave-able moments that bring people together is what we live for.

Cooking is optional. Eating is mandatory. Check out our recipes.

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